Bayou Cocodrie
National Wildlife Refuge

Byerley House Museum

CJ Walker

Crescent Plantation

Cushy Alpacas

Delta Music Museum

Delta Airlines Beginnings

Flag Plaza

Frogmore  Plantation


Grants Canal

Hermoine Museum

Jerry Lee Lewis Home Tour

Lake Bruin State Park

Lake Concordia

Lake Providence

Lake St. John

Louisiana Cotton Museum

Mississippi River

Poverty Point Historical Site

Tensas River
National Wildlife Refuge

Thomas Jason Lingo
Community Center 


Underground Railroad Marker

Winter Quarters

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Weather and Dress

Winter (months of December, January and February):
Colder, but only a parka-style coat would be needed on the coldest of afternoons. Average afternoon highs are 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit with near freezing to the low 40s in the early mornings. Frontal passage rain usually lasts on the average of 24 hours or less.

Fall and spring:
Might require long pants and a sweater, or a light rain-repellant jacket. The temperatures are very moderate with days of full sunshine and days of frontal passage rain. Due to the state's proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, these frontal passages still allow daytime highs of 50 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Summer (months of June, July and August):
Quite warm with daytime highs in the upper 90s Fahrenheit and nighttime lows in the upper 60s. Comfortable clothing in the form of short pants and short-sleeve shirts are recommended. Most indoor attractions statewide are air-conditioned.